urban mass band

Group Profile

Urban Touch Carnival Group is a fairly new group formed in 2007 based in Hackney East London. We run two workshops one Islington North London and one in Hackney East London.  Urban Touch was primarily formed by a group of people who shared a common interest in the local community. We wanted to address some of the issues faced by the local community such as Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and the relationship between young people, adults and the older generation.  Whilst at the same time celebrating the Caribbean Arts.

We encourage young people to make a positive contributions to the community they live in and dismiss some of the myths that all young people are to be feared.  We empower young people to make the right choices in the environment in which they live in.

The majority of young people we work with at present are from the boroughs of Hackney and Islington, two of the most deprived boroughs in the country.  We bring the communities together through the celebration of the Caribbean arts.  This involves breaking down barriers within the community and enabling the younger and the older generation to work together.  This in itself is a two way process young people respecting the older generation and the older generation understanding young people’s needs.

Urban Touch encourages the group to bring forward their ideas. We have a presentation day where any member of the group can bring forward their idea and do a presentation to the group. Once everyone has done their presentation we have a secret ballot. Whoever wins their theme is what we will be using and everyone supports and develops it.

We work with other agencies to bring in skills where needed. One being an artistic designer who was able to listen to the groups ideas and bring it alive in the form of masquerade pieces for various members of group to wear. The group is taught how to build and make the masquerade pieces thus developing new skills which they share with the group.


Urban Touch 2013 Full Risk Assessment


Mission Statement

Urban Touch Carnival Group strives to bring together all ages and cultures of the community, to share in the culture of the Caribbean through arts, dance, music and entertainment.



To bring together, educate and develop social skills of individuals of all ages to share in the culture of the Caribbean through arts, dance, music and entertainment by participating in the London Notting Hill Carnival other carnivals, Festivals, Shows, Performances and Afro-Caribbean events throughout the year.



  1. To create dance routines for the group to perform.
  2. To train & develop people of all ages in the art of dancing.
  3. To create an understanding and develop a relationship between young people and adults, where they work together as a group.
  4. To form a group of young people and adults to perform in front of others.
  5. To build self esteem, motivation and enthusiasm for dancing.
  6. To train and involve young people and adults in the art of designing and making carnival costumes.
  7. To empower young people in decision making.
  8. To enhance personal development.
  9. To develop an enjoyable learning atmosphere that everyone feels happy to participate in.


Urban Touch Carnival Group works within 4 of the 5 learning outcomes set by the government

  • Stay Safe
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Be Healthy
  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Make a Positive Contribution


Positive Contribution / Enjoy and Achieve

  • We help young people to explore their identity, their relationship to others and the society of which they are a part
  • We help young people to increase their self-confidence and develop a positive image of them-selves
  • We support young people to develop self-awareness and acknowledge their strengths and preferences, to celebrate these and use them to benefit others


Positive Contribution

  • We support young people to develop cultural awareness and demonstrate sensitivity and an acceptance and appreciation of difference
  • We enable young people to experience and gain awareness, understanding and appreciation of other cultures and communities
  • We enable children/young people to take the lead and use and develop their skills to support others


Enjoy and Achieve

  • We give young people the chance to develop creativity and an appreciation of arts and culture
  • We give young people the opportunity to discover, use and develop a range of artistic and craft skills


Economic Well Being/Positive Contribution / Stay Safe

  • We support and challenge young people to make positive choices and change their behaviour through dance, advice and support,
  • We support young people to develop personal, social and life skills.